Ada Rapporteur Group

The Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) is a rapporteur group within ISO Working Group 9 (WG9), which in turn is part of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22. ISO WG9 is responsible for maintaining the International Standard for the Ada Programming Language. The ARG is responsible for maintaining and developing new versions of the Ada Reference Manual, which forms the basis for the ISO standard for Ada.

The ARG performs most of its work in terms of Ada Interpretations (AIs), which are documents that describe an identified issue with the Ada Reference Manual, or which propose enhancements to the Ada programming language. Such issues may be identified within the ARG itself, or may be identified by the wider Ada community. Historically the ada-comment mailing list has been used by members of the Ada community to identify problems or suggest enhancements. This website has been created to simplify the process of providing Ada community input to the ARG, and to provide more visibility into the ARG process.

Minutes of all ARG meetings are available online.